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If your marketer is throwing jargons at you instead of showing clear results, they are BS-ing you.

Fair play is not something we’re interested in. Here at Searchmetry, we want to give our clients an UNFAIR advantage in search.

Anita Sharma

Founder, Searchmetry

Put your business on steroids with a company that is proud to say – #ClientFirst.

Since starting out as interior design marketers in 2016, Searchmetry has expanded into the entertainment, real estate, home building, remodeling, and reconstruction space.

We currently provide online marketing services to escape room owners, interior designers, real-estates, construction specialists, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and refinishing & home improvement contractors.

We are all about leveraging the power of the web to produce incredible, out of the box — tier 1 results for brands and businesses all around.

Do you find yourself thinking…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a marketing setup that works 24×7, delivering you high-potential leads?

In our conversations with clients and other businesses in this space, we’ve noticed a key flaw in the kind of services offered by other marketers – they’re advised to focus on ‘acquiring leads’ above all.
This comes as a cost – unprofitable leads that don’t generate the kind of cash flow that’s needed to turn a profit.

We take a much more balanced approach. We understand the various lead verticals – cold leads, potential leads, converted leads, and so on – and we focus on creating a lead magnet website for our clients that’s essential to convert even the coldest of leads into the most excited of buyers.

Check out what our clients say about us!

As a business owner you know the importance of knowing your market, and having an impressive storefront or office to dazzle new visitors into becoming paying clients.

But sadly, businesses keep burning hundreds and thousands of dollars in advertising before cottoning on to the fact that they need a stunning website and focused market research to attract high quality leads.

This is where Searchmetry steps in, and changes the game in your favor.

From conducting thotough market research to positioning your business to attract the right kind of attention – we will go all the way to make sure your business gets super high quality leads.

Some of the brands working with us have grown 5x in the past 18-24 months.

Rigging The Game In Your Favor – Our ‘Unfair Advantage’ Report

Our Market Research acts as your unfair advantage against your competitors as we run an overall SWOT analysis of your business so that you can get the best out of your strengths, identify and minimize your weaknesses, grab the opportunities and eliminate potential business threats.

Searchmetry offers Websites, SEO – 360° Marketing & The Dedicated ‘Built for the Business’ Unfair Market Advantage Research that supercharges your business for growth.

Searchmetry’s compiled offerings help businesses that range from home improvement contractors to refinishing and remodeling business and interior designers — get an unfair competitive edge over their competitors.

Contrary to traditional ideas for generating leads, Searchmetry adds authenticity and transparency to your brand by showcasing your work and portfolio on the web, so that you are matched with the right kind of client.

Is Searchmetry Just Another Web Design Agency?


We conceptualize the whole journey from idea to end results, so that our clients get 10x profits and 10x revenues backed by tech, research and marketing expertise.

Businesses keep coming to us owing to the flexibility that we bring to the table.

We do not try to change anything in your business, because we value and appreciate the years you’ve put in to make your business what it is today.

Rather, we fit ourselves into the schedule of the escape room owners, real estateremodelers, contractors and interior designers we work with — in such a way that we quickly become team members that contribute to their vision to grow their brand 5x, 10x or Nx.

In case, you’re just starting out and just want to know the possibilities and application of technology in your domain — we’ll be happy to assist you with a 30-minute free consultation that can help you grow your business.

This includes a free audit of your internet business and the potential, a service that we feel the industry needs and lacks currently.

Transparency and trust are essential in this business.

Here at Searchmetry, we promise only what we can deliver. And we deliver what we promise.