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We understand that your website’s needs may vary from other websites’, so we offer timely digital marketing solutions tailored to your individual need. Our company relies on customer trust, and we intend to stand with you every step of the way.

Digital Marketing and Web Design

Before getting your website indexed by search engines and having it at the top of the search results, we also help with its design and layout. As a digital marketing services provider with extended knowledge of the SEO practices that actually work, we are armed with countless tips and ideas to make your website more engaging for visitors. Our websites are;

  • Responsive on any device
  • Filled with quality, compelling content
  • Customized to meet your requirements
  • Optimized to generate sales leads

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We are all about Digital Marketing…

We understand the need to grow your business website and help you reach out to your target audience anywhere in the world. With our expertise in SEO, email marketing, performance analytics, pay-per-click services and a ton of other marketing services, our team is equipped to guide you in converting potential visitors to your website into regular visitors with accurate leads.

We are driven by;

  • Transparency and ethics in business
  • A desire to change the face of digital marketing
  • The need to enable every business make use of simple tools to do more business
  • The satisfaction of our customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We help you get your website on top of the search results and increase it visibility by making use of our knowledge of SEO and keyword usage.

Growth Hacking

Take charge of your website’s growth through successful marketing campaigns, access to on-time traffic analytics, higher conversion rates and incorporation of new technologies.

Inbound Marketing

Have potential customers find your business anywhere by incorporating compelling and applicable content and media into your website and social media platforms.

Design and Development

Beautiful websites and responsive layouts are just the tip of the iceberg. We help you with website design, management and development.

Digital Strategy

We help you merge your goals, vision, opportunities and focus to formulate and develop the ultimate digital strategy for your online business in line with current market trends.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our services include helping you increase your ROI easily with any of our proven methods of turning website visitors into actual customers.

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Success Story



We first partnered with Searchmetry over 6 months ago after our customer base started to dwindle sharply. After much analysis, they decided that we needed to break into the online market and gain a social media presence. And with their help and support, that’s exactly what we did.



After 15 years of industry service, Rangoli Ayurved, a health and skin-care based company hit a roadblock due to their inability to leverage their online market and lack of social media presence.


They engaged Searcmetry to provide SEO, Social Media Management and revamp their website. After a few months of ongoing efforts, the company has extended their project to pay-per-click on our suggestion.

The Result

Searchmetry’s Inbound………acquisition costs and landed them near the 400% ROI point for their marketing spend.

Per performance, our sales have improved faster than we had hoped and our customer base grows everyday! I am really thankful for Searchmetry and can always vouch for it anytime.

Mr. Pawan Agarwal

Founder of Rangoli Ayurved Industries, Rangoli Ayurved Industries

Just a Little Bit About


Searchmetry is a full-time startup digital marketing company based in the Indian city of Kolkata. We are driven by our mission to help websites generate more sales leads and traffic using effective and proven digital marketing strategies.

Our approach is founded from the desire to satisfy each of our customers’ unique requirements on a simple, professional and timely founding. We believe that every website has the potential to create and manage successful marketing campaigns and generate revenue from qualified sales leads with a little effort and yes – targeted advertising.


That was a great coffee. I’m coming back tomorrow to get more coffee and more web design work done. I always work better when I have something to drink (or to eat), especially when the job is boring. 



That’s a nice place and they brew very nice coffee. Another day I met this guy John here. Turns out he is a web designer too. We work together now… while drinking coffee, lots of it.  


We are growing fast! Join Us.


As a brand new startup that’s growing fast, our company is always on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team. With our understanding of the digital marketing world, our brand is already turning the tables and leaving its mark all over India.

Our corporate office is located in Kolkata, India but our area of action is global. Our idea of a perfect work environment is one that is free, team based, casual and fun. Think about:

  • A casual dress code for work
  • A free environment that encourages idea inception and development
  • Good working hours
  • Lots of employee benefits

Are you ambitious and self driven? Do you love working in digital marketing? Then this is your chance! Contact us today.

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