Business owners that are yet to explore the endless marketing capability of Pinterest should step up their social media game at the earliest!

Pinterest is a potentially untapped social media marketplace, making it a highly-valued space to showcase your business in front of a niche-specific audience that is ready to spend. Pinterest has nearly 200 million active monthly users worldwide who are looking to share interesting ideas with like-minded individuals.

Pinterest is the most potent tool to showcase your services,as there are people willing to loosen their purse strings in exchange for value. Reason enough to create a Pinterest account today!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking platform that helps people find inspiration for their business or hobbies.

Every new idea is pinned on the Board by the users.They can be images or URLs, making Pinterest a great tool for driving traffic to your website. More importantly, Pins allow people to find trending topics on their niche rather conveniently.

While using Pinterest for Business do not forget to include a link to your website with each Pin. You can focus on a specific landing page on your website that you want to draw attention to like the Home Page, or the Store or maybe even the Blog Section.

This is where marketing on Pinterest outclasses Instagram.The former has the advantage of adding links to each Pin,which acts as a gateway to your website for potential clients willing to interact with your business.

Setting Up a Pinterest Profile for Business

If you have read our DIY blogs on how to create a business profile on Facebook and Twitter, replicating the process on Pinterest will not be difficult. Searchmetry has compiled a 6-step formula to guide you through the entire process. Hope it helps!

1. Creating a Business Profile

The secret to getting ahead of your competition is getting started. The secret to getting started is categorizing the overwhelming pile of tasks into small and manageable ones,finally starting with the first.

Keeping that in mind, begin with Account Optimization.Pay close attention as the success of your Pinterest channel depends solely on how well your account is optimized.

Run a background check on what your competitors are doing and make a list of trending keywords in your niche. Cross reference the trending keywords with the ones that your competitors are ranking for.Any keywords that they are not ranking for is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

If you have previously setup your account, go back and ensure that the following information is correctly placed, as they are vital for your visibility.


a. The name of your company.

b. A profile picture (Company Logo or Professional Headshot) with optimized metadata.

c. A keyword-rich bio that describes your business without making it a boring chunk of text.

d. The location of your business.

e. The URL leading to your website’s Home Page.


2. Setting Up the Pinterest Board

a. Keyword strategy is the key here as you begin by naming your newly created boards.

b. Start pinning interesting images to each board, in a bid to attract attention from fellow users interested in the same niche.

c. Deliver on your promises! Your content should consistently offer value to the readers. NEVER USE CLICKBAIT OR DIRECT USERS TO AFFILIATES. Pinterest takes these offences rather seriously!

If you are not sure whether or not to post something, ask yourself “Does it help my audience in any way?” and you have your answer.

3. Pin Posts that Help Others

The idea behind this is to Pin content that your audience is craving. You can Pin it from your company’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook profile, Reddit forums or any other platform where your branded content is popular.

Learn to promote your channel through reciprocation. If you have peers that you idolize, head over to their channel and start pinning posts that you enjoy. Over time their followers will reciprocate by Pinning your content that they like.It is a two-way street!

Additionally, you can follow these two steps to grow you Pinterest channel at a steady pace. 


a. Spend time researching what your competitors are up to. Start by viewing their pinned content and charting the number of re-pins. You can enhance their idea and implement it on your channel. DO NOT BLATANTLY COPY PASTE STUFF OFF YOUR RIVAL’S BOARD.

b. If you have a sizeable number of followers on other social media channels, use them to advertise your Pinterest channel. Ask them what type of content they would like to see and work your way up from there.


4. Spread Word of Your Foray into Pinterest

a. Promote your Pinterest posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media platforms. Each social media channel can be tuned to work in unison to promote the next.

b. Use post scheduling tools to share content regularly. Tailwind is one of the current market leaders for finding trending content, scheduling pins and tracking results.

c. Add a Pin widgetPinterest Board or Follow me on Pinterest button on your website. WordPress users can simply use the Pinterest tool to insert the link.

d. Do not ignore image resizing and optimization.

e. Create one killer board and share it with the world!

5. Maintain a Consistent Presence

Everything matters on Pinterest. Even the frequency of new posts. While excessive pinning repels viewers, too few posts kill their interest in your channel. Use the help of Google Analytics to create a killer Pinterest posting strategy.

6. Get to Know Pinterest Analytics Better

Pinterest offers an in-depth assertion of your channel’s impact on its audience. Do not forget to check back at the end of each week to monitor your progress. Take a look at user data collected from re-pins, profile impressions and website shares,and you will have a clear impression of what content your audience enjoys the most.

Searchmetry can build a platform that boosts your business’ digital footprint. Get in touch with our experts today for a free consultation!