Digital marketers that do not look at Twitter as an efficient advertising platform are missing out on the opportunity to connect with their respective industry stalwarts. Twitter limits your expressions to 140 characters, giving marketers an ideal opportunity to separate the fluff!

If you are looking to engage in online discussions in your field, there is no better platform to be on than Twitter!

What is Twitter?

It is a social media platform that allows users to interact using 140-character messages called tweets.Twitter makes it very easy to stay updated with the most trending topics and latest information from around the world using Hashtags.

Hashtags are generated using ‘#’ before a word or a sentence separated by underscore ‘_’. Information created using Hashtags are easily categorized and can be accessed for immediate and future use.

In this blog we will show you how to create a Twitter profile for your business, like a pro.

1. Signup and Create a Username

If you are new to Twitter, you can click this link to sign up. Unlike the other social media platforms, Twitter does not have any separate account types for businesses. If you plan on creating a profile for your business, it is important to keep this in mind. All you need is an email address that has never been registered on Twitter.

Coming up with a Username is important as it needs to be relevant to your brand. Are people more likely to search for your name or your company? Once you have that sorted, you can check whether the Username is available. If not, you need to get back to the drawing board.

Or, you can settle down with a Username that is available at the moment and change it later on! There is no need to worry about handling multiple Twitter accounts at once, thanks to desktop apps like Tweet deck that allow instant switching between multiple Twitter profiles.

2. Verify Your Account

Before using Twitter, you must authenticate the registered email address. The process is quite simple. Log in to your email account and search for the verification link in the inbox. Clicking this link will lead you back to your Twitter account.

3. Compose a Short Bio

Since you are limited to using just 160 characters, every character is priceless. You can include a dynamic call-to-action, keyword-rich description or links to your website. You can also insert creative hashtags that are popular in your field of business. BUT, do not go overboard with the hashtags!

4. Upload an Optimized Profile and Header Photo

We can never stress enough on the importance of uploading optimized pictures. Twitter recommends uploading Profile Photos measuring 400x400px and Header Photos measuring 1500x500px for the best results. The Header Photo is cropped in the 2:1 ratio when viewed from a mobile device.

5. Location and Background

Specifying your current location helps people find you when needed. Select your city of operation from Twitter’s list. If you operate in multiple cities, you could add the information under the profile bio or put up a pinned tweet.

Creating a background helps lift up the general mood of your profile.

You can select a theme from Twitter’s list or opt for a customized theme here. While picking a theme for your profile make sure you stick to your brand’s color scheme in order to maintain homogeneity.

6. Add Followers

You can use Twitter’s search-bar to look for a specific user or can choose from the suggested list that appears on the sidebar. Twitter allows you to categorize the people that you follow into lists, making it easier to search through its contents in the future.

A blue badge next to the username is the sign of profile authentication. Every profile that generates public interest is verified by Twitter.

7. Post Your First Tweet

You should post a few tweets before sending out too many follow requests. Most people start by tweeting something along the lines of “Hello, I am new to Twitter”. But, since you are a business, you need to share something of value with your future followers. Links to informative blogs, articles or tips always work the magic.

It is important to build your brand’s identity right from the first tweet!

8. Create an Elaborate Marketing Plan

Every business needs an elaborate marketing plan to survive. The same principle applies to digital marketing. Ask yourself these three questions :


  1. How often will I check in every day?

Usually twice a day is enough to maintain your brand presence. Do not spend too much time and effort initially

  1. What is the purpose of my next tweet?

Product promotion, brand awareness, relationship building and networking, being recognized as an authority figure are all goals that you can work towards.

  1. How many posts should I put up per week?

For the best results, initially stick to two posts per day. You can retweet 3rd party information, promotional content or communicate directly with the other users.


You need to be on the lookout for informative and interesting content to tweet. Check out RSS feeds, newsletters,Reddit posts, Facebook and Google Trends, and popular Twitter Hashtags for content.

Religiously respond to mentions and DMs at the end of the day and sit down once a month to chart your progress.

Searchmetry can help you create and manage your Twitter Page for business. For more information on how we can help you spread your digital footprint, schedule a consultation with us TODAY. Coffee is on us!