With the advent of the internet, marketing your business online can be the difference between success and failure. An efficient digital marketing campaign will utilize every available resource at your disposal for maximizing results. As a business owner if you truly believe that conventional social media is the sole avenue of reaching out to potential clients, you need to rethink your digital marketing strategies!

While we trust the outreaching capabilities of Facebook and LinkedIn, only a lazy person would choose not to utilize the other digital platforms that are now available. One of the best examples of such a platform is Houzz.

With over two-and-a-half million professionals selling three million products worldwide, Houzz has brought together designers, architects and other creative people together under one digital roof.

Originally created as an online community for interior designers,architects and related home improvement professionals, the website and mobile application now has over five million images, informative articles, product recommendations and a forum for interaction.

The platform is so easy to use and effective that we were hooked after the first time we tried it out for ourselves.

Imagine you are an interior designer, discussing ambient lighting with your client. With the help of Houzz, you simply insert your ‘keyword’ along with ‘idea books’ and scroll through the images of finished projects and related products that pop up. It is that simple!

Irrespective of your business domain, marketing yourself is important. BUT, the inflow of organic traffic to your website or social media handlesis just half the battle.Once a potential customer reaches your business, how long will they stay?

According to a recent survey people take a few seconds to browse through a website, unless the landing page has something of value. If a client is on your website for 30 seconds or more, they are likely to spend the next two minutes (which is nothing short of an eternity in digital marketing lingo) on your website.

In order to get started, it is important to create a profile on Houzz. Get creative! The more professional-looking and attractive your profile, the higher your chances of interest retention. And since you are most likely an interior designer, make sure to keep a portfolio galleryof completed projects handy!

Focus on your strong suits and create an attention-grabbing profile that is informative and welcoming. It might sound complicated but is actually a DIY process as you will soon find out!

1. Upload a Clear Profile and Cover Picture

Your profile picture is the most viewed image on your profile. Make sure the uploaded image is worthy of all the attention. You could place your company’s logo here or a head shot of yourself in this space.

The cover photo commands a lot of respect and space on the page. It is the first image that people notice on your profile.You should use this space to display your best work.

A simple trick here is to keep things fresh. Change your cover picture every three months or so and choose your most popular photographs.The ones that get saved to a lot of idea books.

2. Fill-in Every Field to Complete Your Profile

An incomplete profile is a major turn-off for many. Make sure that your Houzz profile is informative and regularly updated.

A complete profile makes your company look reputed and reliable,and helps boost your authority in the Houzz forums among the other members,including the pros and prospective clients.

Some of the most relevant fields that you must focus on are contact information, projects, reviews, affiliations, badges and awards. The last one acts as a letter of recommendation from previous clients and is a chip on your shoulder.

3. Upload Projects Regularly

Showing off your skills is an essential part of marketing yourself. Just make sure you do not go overboard and start misleading people. Houzz has a provision for uploading projects. Use this feature to regularly upload your finished projects for others to view. The process does not cost a dime and increases your credibility on Houzz.

Upload before-and-after pictures in high resolution and optimize them using keywords and geo tags for maximum visibility. Click To Tweet

Do not forget to select the most attractive image as the project’s cover photo.

4. Always Keep Your Profile Updated

An informative profile looks good, BUT one that is regularly updated looks even better! Focus on staying active in the forums and increase member interaction at any given instance. If you only use Houzz once every two months to upload new projects, you are losing out on a huge opportunity to interact with potential clients and even future business partners!

Make it a point to respond to queries regularly and upload optimized images every month.

An optimized idea book transmits positive vibes and we suggest putting a link to your website at the end of every project. You could also share informative blogs from your website with the other members on Houzz.

5. Keeping Your Profile Active

Like we mentioned earlier, interacting with the other members on the forum is important. Houzz has millions of people who are either home improvement professionals or are looking for one. The forum is a great place to advertise yourself and build a reputation.Members often browse through your projects and leave questions in them. You can start by answering these questions.

Once you have your profile set up, the next step is building your reputation. We have a few tips to help you nail this step like a pro.

a. Do not forget to add the Houzz badge on your website once your Houzz profile gains authority.This redirects potential clients to Houzz, showcasing some of your finest work and establishing your authority.

b. After every successful project, ask your clients to leave their valuable feedback on Houzz.

c. Make a list of other creators on Houzz and contact people you are interested in networking with. A Houzz profile with a lot of influential creators have a positive impact on the viewers.

d. Be helpful and answer questions regularly on the board and in the forums. You never know when a humble conversation with a homeowner might turn into a professional enquiry.

e. Help people with their dilemma or solve their problems in the forum and get a conversation started.

f. Fix a weekly or monthly upload schedule and stick to it religiously.


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