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Isharya is a jewelry brand creating a wide range of fashion jewelry for the modern Indian woman. With stores situated across the country, they create easy-to-wear, versatile trinkets, to durable traditional necklaces, earrings and bracelets modernised for new-age women. Each piece is a collectible — something you want to cherish and share with everyone.

When Isharya approached us to create a revamped version of their online store, we were determined to create a visual style that was streamlined with their brick-and-mortar retail stores. Keeping the consumer in mind, we designed the website ensuring that the screens adapted well to mobile.


“Too many to serve, too little to offer.”

The design scope was broken down into 5 design buckets — each bucket for a certain set of screens. This made it possible to start web development 4-5 weeks into the project. The total duration of the project was 12 weeks.

In addition to the UI design we also created a detailed imagery guide to help Isharya create the image assets the new design language required.


More Traffic, More Business

We’re going to help you get clients knocking on your virtual door by showing you how to master smart online marketing strategies.


To create a trail of outstanding client success figures resulting from excellent service aimed at surpassing our clients’ expectations with every unique project. We intend to achieve this by incorporating research, hard work, patience and internationally approved work ethics into my daily business theme.


As a company, we picture a world of digital marketing filled with possibility for every website in form of more visibility, more traffic and more customers. We want to be a trusted part of every business owner’s life, every day, with something we have given them, taught them or inspired them to do.


Our goal is to break down the illusion that working with a digital marketing agency has to be tedious and expensive, to simplify the inclusion of the marketing process for every business owner and to provide timely, affordable and customized solution packages that fit every website’s daily requirements.

What haunts businesses the most?

“Too many to serve, too little to offer.”

The number one problem with construction contractors, real estate agents, interior designers & home improvement contractors is the dire need to get as many clients as possible and generate more business to sustain and reach their milestones.

Often quality is compromised to get quantity clients because at the end — you’ve got a responsibility to run a business and sustain in the long run.

There are several verticals – cold leads, potential leads, converted leads and portfolio and yet, there’s just one answer to all of it — a beautiful lead magnet website that helps you get quality leads from the word go.