Hi guys, welcome to Interior Marketing TV. Today I am going to talk about How Pictures Can Help Your Interior Design Firm Rank Higher in Google!

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If your interior design firm is struggling to rank in the Google Maps, I’m gonna give you a quick tip that could help you easily increase your rankings in the Google map.

So when people search for your most important keywords like interior design in new jersey or Interior Designers in Melbourne, you’re more likely to show up.

Now the secret to this tip lies right here in your cell phone. so your Google my business profile has a lot of different things that can be filled out and there’s a lot of different pieces of information and media assets that you can add to your Google my business profile.

One of the sections is a place where you can upload pictures of your team, interiors of your office, exterior of your office and you can kind of let people see different elements inside of your business.

But this is also something that typically people don’t take advantage of and it presents a really nice opportunity for you to make yourself more relevant for the actual location where you are located and that’s one of the most important things that Google is looking for the relevance. they’re looking for that you are relevant for the location that the searcher is actually searching for.

So for example if you’re located in New Jersey,

Are you relevant to the city of New Jersey?

And that’s one of the factors that Google uses to determine if you’re gonna rank in the maps.

So how does your phone come into play?

What we say to all of our clients that you need to go and take your phone and make sure that the location services are on, on your mobile and you need to take 15-20 interior pictures and 15-20 exterior pictures of your office and a small video giving an office walkthrough.

Now why are we doing this?

Well the reason why is because when you have location services turned on your Phone then what happens is every time you take a picture the latitude and the longitude data of where that picture was taken is stored on the picture itself.

Then what we do is we upload the interior pictures to the interior picture section of Google my business profile and then we also upload the exterior pictures to the exterior picture section of the Google my business profile and we upload the video to the video section.

What this does is it gets the latitude and longitude of your actual location on your Google my business profile.

Now Google sees that and it makes you much more relevant to that very location.

Now it’s a very simple thing to do. anybody can do this but it’s very often overlooked.

Like this, you can also take pictures of your ongoing projects and upload it to your Google My Business profile.

One other thing that you can do which is really cool and this is called the team selfie hack is, you can have team members of your office or you can do this yourself if you’re a sole practitioner you can go around to landmarks in your city and you can take selfies using your cell phone and then what you do is you take those selfies and you upload them to the team section of your Google my business profile.

What this does is this will actually get the latitude and longitude of many other areas around your city on your Google my business profile and what that means is that the radius to which you are relevant to your city is going to expand because you’ve got that latitude & that longitude information stored on the pictures that are on your Google my business profile.

Now the reason that you want to take selfies is because you’re gonna upload the pictures to the team section and that way you can say this is you know Amy at the Statue of Liberty and this is Will at Wall Street that way you’re not being spammy with it you’re actually following Google’s guidelines at his pictures of the team these pictures just happened to be taken in strategic places using an iPhone or an Android that has the latitude and the longitude data baked into the pictures.

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