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Design Two Types of Interactive Forms with the Find My Style Plugin

With Find My Style Pluginʼs intelligent & interactive forms, you could be capturing 10X more leads today.

Assessment Quiz

Create Multiple-Choice Surveys or Assessment Quizzes with the FMS Plugin. With this type of quiz, you can present the audience with multiple options to choose from, based on a wide assortment of design ideologies, for example, Vintage, Modern or Contemporary, and create sub-sections with more niche-specific multiple-choice questions.

Assessment Quizzes can help you segregate your audience based on their preferences, and address their requirements with confidence. It saves valuable time during interactive sessions and helps build your reputation with the client.

Personality Quiz

This is the most popular form of Quiz that you see across the social media today. Personality Quizzes are best-suited for studying the current market tendencies, as you get authentic real-time user data from potential clients that are looking for the latest interior designing trends.

You can create surveys such as What is Your Decorating Personality, Which Interior Designing Style Suits You, etc. with the help of the FMS Plugin. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a Quick Peek at the List of Features

Easy Quiz Builder

Design a unique quiz in 5-minutes without writing a single line of code.

Navigate through complex quizzes with the Advanced Visual Editor that lets you view and edit all the questions and answers in the thread.

Use the Drag and Drop feature to compose questionnaires, and pick up answers from the pre-loaded templates.

Get a glimpse of all the probable outcomes that arise from the various answer combinations.

Dedicated Results Page

Create a Dynamic Results Page for every answer combination.

Assign a Conversion Goal to each Results Page. For example, Social Share, Consultation Requests or Enquiries. 

Split Testing

Identify the Results Page that has turned up with the greatest number of client conversions or received the maximum number of shares on the social media.

Categorize the Results Pages that have failed to draw much attention, and make the required changes based on your assessment. 

Mobile Friendly

Every Quiz that you build using the Find My Style plugin works flawlessly across all mobile devices.

In-Depth Analytics

View progress across multiple time-frames (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime).

See detailed reports of how many people answer all the questions or leave the quiz mid-way.

Analyze your conversion goals, and see where your audience is dropping off.

Make a list of the most common answering patterns.

Multiple Opt-in Gates

Decide whether the audience must submit their basic contact details in order to view their results. The Opt-in gate can be optional or forced depending on your marketing strategy and goal. 

Quick Notifications

Setup your Quiz by following the Quick Setup Guide, and if you are missing an element or have improperly configured something, the plugin will notify you of the same.

Informative Dashboard

View all basic stats and access every quiz that you have ever designed, all under a single tab.

How Does the Find My Style Plugin Benefit Your Business

With the FMS plugin, you can track how the audience interacts with your surveys at any given moment, and study the impact of A/B Testing in real-time.

Analyze the Results and View Live Performance at a Glance

View live data of how your quiz is performing at any point of time. Sort the collected data into date frames to compare their performance in time ranges and quickly analyze how the changes to your quiz are affecting the conversion rates.

You can also share the collected data with your team members and add an extra layer of communication within your organization.

Understand the Current Trends Better with a Survey-Styled Analysis

Learn more about what your customers want, with the FMS plugin. The analytics keeps track of the total number of people that answer every question, and the most common results.

There is also an engagement score on each question that tells you how many people quit the quiz midway, to help you pinpoint the problem and fix it.

View Individual Responses of Every Participant Including Their Answers to Each Question and the Final Outcome

View the individual answer to every question and the final result of every person that becomes a potential lead by completing the quiz. This information provides a solid ground for sending follow-up conversational emails to your newfound leads.

Live Demo

See how the Find My Style Plugin is used to engage with Interior Design clients on their website and guides them through a set of questions asking them about their preference in style, color and design. It asks visitors for their name and email at the end of the quiz so that you can contact them later at your convenience.

Find My Style Integrates with Every WordPress Theme with Ease

Connect your quiz to your WordPress account and direct all leads straight to the system.

Integration is a hassle-free process at your end, as we take care of all the complex backend procedures on your behalf.

When a person participates in your quiz, their information is directly sent to your analytics dashboard.

Here is a List of Some of the Common Questions that People Have About the FMS Plugin

1. What Are the Differences Between Starting from Scratch and Choosing from an Existing Template?

All pre-installed templates fall under a predefined quiz structure that cannot be edited. For example, a quiz that is designed for Social Sharing will be structured in a different manner than a quiz that is structured for building lists.

With the Start from Scratch feature, you will be able to modify the structure according to your preferences.

2. Can a Question Contain Images?

Yes, you can include images as answers. You can also include text explaining the images if you prefer.

3. Is There a Limit to the Maximum Number of Answers that I Can Add to a Quiz?

There are no limitations. Include as many answers as you please!

4. Is There a Limit on the Maximum Number of Result Categories that a Quiz Can Have?

You can add a maximum of 12 Result Categories to your quiz at the moment.

5. Can I Download Future Plugin Updates for Free?

Yes. All you need to do is update the app every time we add more features to the list.

6. Is this a One Time Purchase?

The license is valid for 365 days, and requires annual renewal.

7. Can I see the Quiz Data from a Specific Date Range?


8. Can I embed the Quiz on My Facebook Fan Page?

No, the FMS Plugin is only compatible with WordPress websites. But you can share the quiz on your Facebook Fan Page and get your followers to engage with your website.

9. What if I Require Technical Assistance After One Year?

Every FMS license comes with one year of free technical support. You need to renew your license before the expiration date to continue receiving uninterrupted service round the clock.

10. Do You Train Your Clients on How to Use the Plugin?

There are no specific training modules or instructional videos. With that being said, the entire setup process is simple and you will find quick prompts guiding you through every step of the way.

Here is What a Few Find My Style Users Have to Say About the Plugin

“From our initial conversation to the installation of the plugin and now the after sales support at odd hours, I must confess that I am truly impressed by your team’s timely responses.”

Amy Santos

“I am blown away thinking of the potential quizzes that I can create using this plugin. And the user interface is just so easy to comprehend. Thanks a ton for coming up with something so simple yet effective! ”

Jake Peterson

“Find My Style has enabled me to design new surveys at a fraction of the cost of having to hire a coder for the job. Kudos to you people for empowering the coding-newbies like me! ”

Mike Stevens

“Hands down the easiest quiz builder that I have used in my six years in the business. I loved the easy setup and the ability to connect each answer to their corresponding result. I am definitely looking for a license renewal.”

Jace Anderson

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