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How to Create and Share Google Review Links in 5 Easy Steps

If you are a local business owner, Google My Business Reviews should be your top priority! When a potential client searches online for your business, reviews are among the first results to pop up. Every hope of securing clients in the future lie at the hands (or in...

How to Create an Alluring Houzz Profile in 5 Simple Steps

With the advent of the internet, marketing your business online can be the difference between success and failure. An efficient digital marketing campaign will utilize every available resource at your disposal for maximizing results. As a business owner if you truly...

6 Simple Tips to Receive Reviews on Yelp Without Getting Flagged

Yelp’s Review Filter is the biggest cause of frustration among small business owners, as in most cases it sieves out genuine user reviews alongside the fake ones. Ironically, Yelp does the best job of filtering out fake content among all the review websites. And their...

Simple Hacks to Optimize Your Bing’s Places for Business Listing

Google might be the biggest search engine on the planet today but there are plenty of other players in the game too. When we talk about search engines, Bing needs a special mention, since, it currently holds the number two spot, and is right behind Google on the...

Interview with Nicole MacIntosh, Founder of Altered Interiors

In my interviews with Ajia Monet and Deanna S Dewey, we saw two kinds of approaches – one, based on hands on work designing rooms and the other based on going to school and getting degrees – to entering the interior design industry. Are those the only two ways? Meet...

How to Make Your Own Interior Design Portfolio

What is an interior design portfolio? It’s a collection of your best work. The National Design Academy of the UK says that an interior design portfolio is ‘an opportunity to showcase a range of skills and your design style’. As you can guess, such a portfolio would be...

How To Get Interior Design Clients

In my blog post on Pinterest marketing I discussed how Pinterest can be used to generate interest in your website and thereby in your interior design business. However, generating consumer interest is only half the battle. The next stage – conversion – is equally...

Pinterest Marketing For Interior Design Business

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is one of the newest internet firms on the block. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a force to reckon with. Consider this – in 2017, just 7 years after launch, Pinterest was valued at upwards of $12.3 billion. So, what is Pinterest? Even...

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