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Twitter Marketing Service

What’s the easiest and most effective way of letting your present and potential customers get to know about recent product launches, offers, discounts and ongoing sales? In today’s business world of swift news sharing, Twitter comes off as one of the best platforms to meet all those marketing requirements in a swift, modern and professional manner.

How It Works

Marketing on Twitter is done with the help of sponsored tweets to your ‘followers’ and potential followers about product launches, updates, offers and other functions, in addition to tweets about daily affairs for engagement purposes.

These tweets are seen by your followers and potential markets, who can like them and share them through retweeting to their own followers and tagging you.

The tweets can contain promotional content in form of images, plain text, videos and other forms of media, in addition to containing links to your website or product. Customers in need of further information can also send direct private messages to you after following you.

What We Do

Our team of social media marketing experts helps you start and manage an effective Twitter marketing campaign for your business or website’s services and products from scratch if need be. Their pre-campaign services are shown below.

  • Market Research

This step involves discovering your website’s potential audience on Twitter and their location, their platform access frequency, content preferences, time zones and language preferences. The results from this research are direct determinants of the goals, expectations and budget you set for the whole campaign.

  • Budget determination

Twitter marketing is most effective when invested in, but the marketing campaign can also be done at a much cheaper cost. We help you draw an estimate of the funds you will need to support your Twitter marketing campaign with consideration of the results you expect, and allocate them accordingly.

  • Setting of campaign goals

Depending on your target market, your followers and expectations for your website, we help you set achievable short and long term projections in sales, views, traffic and more. These act as benchmarks for analyzing your campaign’s day to day progress and help you plan for the future with more precision.

  • Design of campaign framework

This step involves the actual drawing of the campaign framework. Tis is where we agree on issues such as how frequently we intend to publish marketing related tweets, how often we should change our target market, how each tweet should be generated, and how much engagement we should aim for each day. The final framework is what we follow throughout the marketing campaign.

  • Running the campaign

This is where the actual campaign takes place. Our tasks include;

  1. Researching the trending topics on social media, the news and Twitter in particular, so as to generate engagement posts on day to day issues.
  2. Brainstorming, designing and editing of both normal and sponsored marketing tweets,
  3. Publishing of both promotional and engagement tweets and spreading them to other potential markets through tagging and exchanges with other social media platforms.
  4. Plus, overall management and monitoring of the sponsored tweets once they go live.
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis

No campaign is complete without performance analysis, which is why we track how each advert is performing with real time updates on each click, share, view and sale.

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The Benefits

Constant engagement for customers

Twitter marketing enables you to engage your customers more with regular tweets about your products, which keeps them in the loop. You can tweet about product version design updates, service offers, new excellence accolades, big sales, upcoming discounts etc. Ideally, it is helpful to post tweets related to how useful your product is in daily life.

Introduces your products and services to hundreds of active customers everyday

Twitter is a social sharing platform used by thousands of users every day. They share news and ideas on different topics, including reviews of the latest products. Marketing on such a platform introduces your products and services to an active community of users, which increases their visibility over time.

It helps you know what customers think of your product

Depending on product review tweets from former users, you can easily know what customers think of your products and services. If largely positive, these reviews can serve as individual marketing campaigns to other Twitter users, which widens your market reach. If they are negative, they help you learn what to change about your product or service before it’s too late.

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