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Instagram Marketing Service

Hundreds of businesses today get a larger percentage of their customers from Instagram, courtesy of its widely popular visual medium that allows users to share photos and videos with each other.

Have your products and services seen, shared and reviewed by thousands of daily users on this photo sharing platform with Searchmetry’s Instagram Marketing Services, and skyrocket their chances of being ordered and bought.

How It Works

Instagram allows users to open business accounts on which they can advertise their products and services.

Promotional content/ adverts can be in form images, videos or slideshows, and users interested in it can follow the business account to see more of their services.

Business owners are therefore required to generate engaging ads with good copy so that visitors are easily enticed to like, share and call to find out more about their services.

What We Do

Our team of social media marketing experts helps you start and manage an Instagram marketing campaign for your business or website’s services and products. Some of their campaign services are shown below.

  • Market Research

This step involves discovering your website’s potential audience on Instagram and their location, their platform access frequency, content preferences, time zones and language preferences. The results from this research are direct determinants of the goals, expectations and budget you set for the whole campaign.

  • Budget determination

Social media marketing is most effective when invested in, and Instagram allows you determine your budget as per your limitations and daily traffic. We help you draw an estimate of the funds you will need to support your Instagram marketing campaign in consideration of the results you expect, and allocate them accordingly.

  • Setting of campaign goals

Depending on your target market and expectations for your website, we help you set achievable short and long term projections in sales, views, traffic and more. These act as benchmarks for analyzing your campaign’s day to day progress and help you plan for the future with more precision.

  • Design of campaign framework

This step involves the actual drawing of the campaign framework. Here, we agree on issues such as how frequently we intend to post marketing content and adverts, how often we should change our target market, how each photo or video should be designed, and how much engagement we should aim for each day. The final framework is what we follow throughout the marketing campaign.

  • Running the campaign

This is where the actual campaign takes place. Our tasks include;

  1. Researching the trending topics on social media,
  2. Brainstorming, designing and editing of potential adverts,
  3. Actual publishing of promotional posts and engagement content,
  4. Spreading of content to your corresponding social media accounts such as Facebook, FourSquare and VKontakte
  5. Plus, overall management and monitoring of the advert once it goes live.
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis

No campaign is complete without performance analysis, which is why we track how each advert is performing with real time updates on each click, share, view and sale.

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The Benefits

Your goods and services get the visibility they need to sell faster

Instagram is a visual medium, which makes it one of the best ways to convince customers, show your professionalism, and showcase your products and services to them. This gets your products the visibility they need to rack up more sales, which translates to ore product orders over time.

Easier convincing of customers

Many customers prefer to see what they are purchasing before they actually make an order. Instagram marketing helps with convincing such customers through a proper show of the products and services on sale with tutorials on how they work. It also quells doubt among potential buyers when they see a live version of the product.

More engagement of customers

Instagram marketing allows marketers to use many forms of media to achieve their goals, including images, videos and slideshows. These forms of media provide ultimate engagement as long as they are properly created, which is one way of attracting and engaging more viewers, who tend to translate to paying customers in the long run.

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