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Facebook Marketing Service

With millions of users accessing their accounts every day, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best platforms on which to create a marketing campaign. Get your goods and services more visibility among millions of their potential customers with Serchmetry’s Facebook Marketing Services, and learn how make the most of the endless benefits this platform offers.

How It Works

Facebook marketing involves creating and sharing of marketing content to potential customers with targeted advertising on a daily basis.

It also involves creating a page on which to display your services and refer your visitors, in addition to generating likes from interested subscribers called ‘followers’ that receive all your published content directly in their News Feeds.

Your content is shared by these followers and other random users until it’s seen by hundreds of other users. Those that click on your adverts and content are referred to your page, from where they can be directed to your business or website.

What We Do

Searchmetry’s team of social media marketing experts helps you start and manage a marketing campaign for your website’s services and products on Facebook. Some of their campaign services are shown below.

  • Market Research

This step involves discovering your website’s potential audience on Facebook and their location, their platform access frequency, hobbies, time zones and language preferences. The results from this research are direct determinants of the goals, expectations and budget you set for the whole campaign.

  • Budget determination

Social media marketing is most effective when invested in, and Facebook allows you to create a budget of your choice, depending on your daily goals. We help you draw an estimate of the funds you will need to support your Facebook marketing campaign in consideration of the results you expect, and allocate them accordingly.

  • Setting of campaign goals

Depending on your target market and expectations for your website, we help you set achievable goals for both the short and long term in sales, traffic and more. These act as benchmarks for analyzing your campaign’s day to day progress and help you plan for the future with more precision.

  • Design of campaign framework

This step involves the actual drawing of the campaign framework. Here, we agree on issues such as how frequently we intend to publish marketing content and adverts, how often we should change our target market, how content should be designed, and how much engagement we should aim for each day. The final framework is what we follow throughout the marketing campaign.

  • Performance Tracking and Analysis

No campaign is complete without performance analysis, which is why we track how each advert is performing with real time updates on each click, share, save and sale.

As part of our Facebook marketing services, our team of expert social media marketers manages the aspects below.

  1. Marketing, which involves the design, editing and management of adverts and promotional content, plus research and spreading of content in different Facebook groups or pages.
  2. Engagement, which involves creation of both product marketing posts and engagement posts, usually in form of interesting videos, news, images etc.
  3. Management, which involves of moderation of posts and comments, replying messages and acting on page insights provided by Facebook.

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The Benefits

Your services and products get seen by more people

Millions of people like and share information on Facebook every day through their personal accounts, groups and pages they follow. This means that your products and services get seen by a large portion of these people every day, and easily translates to an increase in product views, advert clicks and content shares.

The targeted advertising increases your product views and sales over time

Facebook follows the targeting approach when creating your business’s marketing campaign, such that only your potential customers and other interested individuals can see your adverts. This form of advertising pushes your business in front to of the right people, and guarantees you more product views and orders over time.

It increases your website and business’s credibility over time

Facebook pages with more ‘likes’ and subscribers have higher credibility than those that don’t, and this creates a free magnet for customers looking for service providers and products they can trust. This directly increases the traffic referred to your page over time.

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