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Social Bookmarking Service

Do you want a 100% increase in traffic to your website from search engines and other websites? Social bookmarking services are exactly what you need. And as impossible as that may sound, it happens to be a proven technique that hundreds of popular websites have benefited from for years. Get your website the backlinks and referrals it deserves with our social bookmarking services, complete and uniquely tailored for your traffic needs.

How It Works

Social bookmarking is another way people can save, organize, manage and search for and share web pages of their interest, in form of bookmarks and with the help of keywords and tags related to the website’s content. An individual interested in a web page starts by storing its link with a social bookmarking website for future reference. Other users of the social bookmarking website can also view this link with the help of the tags, and visit or vote for it.

Getting your website’s URL into these social bookmarking can be quite complex and repetitive, especially if you are new to the process. The efficient way is to have your website’s link shared to many social bookmarking sites at once, usually with the help of professional social bookmarking service providers.

What We Do

Searchmetry’s social bookmarking services are designed to take the content marketing load off your back. Our social bookmarking services include link sharing, which involves experts submitting your link to hundreds of top social bookmarking websites such as Reddit, Digg and Delicious, expanding the reach of your content around the internet.

What You Need To Do

All you have to do is to provide us a little information about your website including its web page’s URLs, Titles and other bits of Information.

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The Benefits


Your website gets indexed faster by search engines

This is attributed to the external metadata accumulated via descriptions, tags and titles generated by users when due to social bookmarking. Search engines are also drawn to websites with lots of inbound backlinks and descriptive content generated by users not directly associated with managing the website.

Your website gets more guaranteed traffic

This happens when your website is introduced to search engines through increased bookmarking of its webpages by users. Also, bookmarked pages, when highly rated and reviewed, attract new readers everyday, increasing your traffic stream and sales over time.

Introduces your site to other related sites in your niche

In other instances, bookmarking introduces your website to other websites in its niche, whose subscribers are most likely to share your content and generate backlinks yo your website. This translates to steady traffic in the long tun.

Increases your website’s credibility and relevance

The bookmarks created through social bookmarking increase your website’s credibility among other niche websites and industry influencers, especially when site users are allowed to express their view of your website through voting.

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