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What is Small Business SEO?

This form of search engine optimization is done to improve the ranking of small businesses through various techniques, especially the use of popular search keywords. Small business SEO experts put in consideration the budget, target market and the website in question to come up with a selling strategy aimed at increasing visibility and traffic to the website over time.

What are the benefits of using SEO for small business websites?

  • It is a cheaper way to get your website more visible online.

For any small business, SEO integration is a much cheaper way of optimizing its website’s pages and content for easier indexing by search engines, as compared to paid advertising and pay per click advertising. (PPC) Budget limitations do not have to limit your website’s visibility.

  • It’s a more practical option for more traffic

Small businesses can strongly rely on integrating popularly used search keywords in content to ably refer traffic to its site. This is more practical than many other forms of advertising, because it directly depends on how much effort you put in. It is also easy to track the performance of each keyword as regards traffic referrals.

  • It’s an effective all-in-one package for designing a better small business website

With a package that includes page optimization, link building, analysis, content creation and editing etc., there isn’t more a website should need. Your small business website needs to have all its resources ready for use, and that’s exactly what we provide.

  • More visits, clicks, sales and eventual subscribers.

The ultimate reason for starting any SEO campaign for a small business is increased visibility and traffic, which should lead to more product views and sales in due time. When properly managed and skilfully customized, your small business SEO campaign will have you looking at a higher ROI, just as you wished.

Why you will love working with us?

  • Helping small businesses grow is our priority

We know that running a small business comes with making do with lots of limitations, especially with budgets. That is why we offer affordable SEO services for small business websites and design them to meet your website’s unique needs without stretching your wallet or stressing you.

  • We have all the tools you need to get your small business noticed

Whether it’s reporting and traffic tracking software or the latest SEO methods and technology, we are equipped with every tool you might need to incorporate SEO in your website. Expect quick, professional service as a result, with the latest tools and tricks to boot.

  • We’ve got a team of small business SEO experts available anytime.

Whether it’s for consultation, queries or after sales service, our team of small business SEO experts are ready for you at any time. We understand the need for professional services that are also personal, which is why we provide personalised customer support for each client in order to meet their unique requirements in no time.

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Are your SEO services for small business websites affordable?

Yes they are. Small businesses operate on a shoe-string budget most of the time, and we know how limiting that can be. That is why we provide affordable small business SEO services to help you achieve your long term goals without stretching your budget.

How many visitors should I expect each month after integrating small business SEO?

That depends on how well your campaign performs and the visibility you get over time. After integrating SEO on your small business website, it is up to you to track the performance of each keyword and do research methods of improving engagement and visibility.

Does small business SEO guarantee more traffic to my website?

Yes it does, but only with positive effort. Small business SEO is aimed at putting your small business website in front of the customers it targets with the help of search keywords. When well placed, these keywords enable Google crawlers go through your site and list it in search results, where people can find it and follow its link, hence more traffic.

What are keywords?

Keywords are search terms used by search engine users while browsing for content online. Website owners embed these keywords in their pages and content to improve their visibility and ranking in search results. Google lists websites in its search results after crawling them for these keywords. They are also the basis on which SEO is founded.

How do I know track the performance of the SEO campaign on my small business website?

We have specially designed tools for tracking your SEO campaign’s daily progress and you have free access to any of them. These tools provide real time feedback of facts such as who has clicked which link, how many visitors are coming to your website etc.

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