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Real Estate SEO Services

One sure way of getting more views on the latest property listings on your real estate business’s website is by being listed among the top search engine results in your niche every time. But there’s cut-throat competition for visibility on the internet, and the most effective way you can level the field is by integrating real estate SEO on your website. It’s a proven method of getting both local visitors and international customers looking to buy a property from your neighbourhood to visit your website and browse through your listings.

How it works!

At Searchmetry, we use a multi-faceted strategy when integrating real estate SEO services on your business’s website.

  1. Auditing the site’s SEO. As with any other audit, the SEO audit we carry out on your website is done to assess the performance of the website’s different features to determine what’s affecting visibility and better ranking in search engine results.
  2. Research on potential keywords. Our team of SEO professionals helps you come up with a list of potential keywords for your website using their research tools. The process involves performance testing for each of the keywords before the final group of keywords can be chosen.
  3. Market research. This is where we explore your target market’s major traits as regards online shopping, and use the data accumulated to determine the search phrases they are most likey to used when using search engines.
  4. Competitor analysis. We also carry out research into the keywords your immediate competitors in the interior design field are using, to help us cancel the keywords may not work.
  5. Integration of real estate SEO services on your business website. Our integration process starts with incorporation of potential keywords into your web content before other processes that include page meta data modification, content creation and modification, link building etc.
  6. Performance testing. Running the new site SEO is not the end of the process; we continue to gauge the website’s performance based on changes in search engine changes on website performance. This is where we also modify certain sections that may need revamping if they aren’t performing as expected.

The Benefits

Better ranking in local and international search engine results

It is important to rank highly among local searches for real estate agencies in your area, and even more so, in international searches for the same item. Higher ranking results are more than often the most checked out websites, and real estate SEO enables you rank high enough to attract more visitors to see the listings on your website.

More engagement of visitors

With the high quality images, informative videos and engaging content that real estate SEO enables you to create, you will have no difficulty getting visitors hooked onto your property listings the moment they land on the site. Besides, real estate SEO helps you generate content that provides answers to each visitor’s questions, and that can translate to sales in the long run.

More traffic to your website

Property buyers come from traffic, which easily renders steady traffic any real estate website’s best friend. Real estate SEO guarantees you not only better positions in search engine results but also increased traffic from both local and international sources as a result of the visibility.

Higher ROI from SEO campaigns

There may be many other methods of increasing your real estate website’s online presence, but not many boast a return on investment as high as that from using real estate SEO. Considering the traffic streams that it creates for your website, a percentage of which are paying customers, it is easy to see why.

Why we’re the better choice for SEO service provider

  • We put our clients first, and promise to be available to answer any questions, queries and suggestions to our real estate SEO campaigns.
  • We understand the dynamics of the real estate business better, having worked with related websites for similar services before.
  • We share your goal of being among the top websites in search engine results and among your competitors in the real estate niche.
  • Our real estate SEO services are customized for your unique needs and designed to meet them to the fullest.
  • We encourage suggestions and incorporate your ideas and goals in our work throughout the length of the project.

Like What You See? Let’s Talk!