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What is the Multilingual SEO?

This is a search engine optimization technique that enables the translation of a website’s content into a select variation of languages. With multilingual SEO services, the same piece of content, say, a blog post, is translated to different languages chosen by the website owner, and appears in that same language in search engines dedicated to that particular language, or those active in particular areas of the world.

What are the benefits of multilingual SEO for your website?

  • It widens the scope of your potential market

With multilingual SEO services, your market is not just limited to areas that speak a particular language. The same content on a particular page can be translated into languages spoken in other countries, which exposes it to more internet visitors and subsequently increases the number of potential buyers, even though they’re spread all over the world.

  • It directly affects your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results.

With your content designed to reach out to a wider net of subscribers through translation, you are also given access to more search keywords to integrate in your pages, which only serves to help your website rank higher among your competitors. Consequently, your website’s visibility is bound to increase, which easily translates to better search engine ranking and more traffic.

  • It is a direct influencer of your website’s conversion rate

Multilingual content attracts more traffic to your website due to a more personalized approach in content creation. This approach directly influences the rate at which the visitors to your website are converted to potential customers, and from potential customers to regular visitors and subscribers.

Why you will love working with us?

  • We know how to work with various languages

Multilingual SEO is our thing; we know how to make it work. Once you partner with us, you can expect to work with a team that has worked with various languages before, to positive results. Expect all forms of support throughout your multilingual campaigns from us too.

  • We prefer to collaborate with you.

We are always ready to work with you on your website’s multilingual SEO campaign, and value your input in form of ideas, suggestions and corrections. It is your knowledge of your largest market and their language of choice that guides as we design your campaign.

  • We believe in regular communication.

Our success is driven by the desire to satisfy our clients’ every requirement. That includes regular communication with our clients to discuss campaign results, project updates, analytics reports etc. We do this on your terms too.

  • We provide real time updates on analytics.

As part of our multilingual SEO services package, we provide real time updates on analytics for each campaign to help us dissect individual performance. It might be analysis on how each language is performing, how each area is reacting to your keywords and how particular keywords are performing.

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How long do Searchmetry’s multilingual SEO services take?

The time we take to complete your SEO request depends on factors including size of the website, nature of content, reversed algorithm engineering, keyword density, etc. Even then, we endeavor to process your request as fast we can, in say, 45-60 days.

Is it a must to translate my whole website for it to appear in foreign search engine results?

No, it’s not. The correct way to have your website appear in foreign search engines is by first translating at least one page into another language, say German, and then integrating German keywords in it so that it can be discovered by German based search engines.

Which languages do you translate to?

We translate to any language of your choice, as long as it is recognized by the world’s search engines. The commonest include English, French, German and most Indian languages.

What are the leading web languages on the web after English?

According to a recent survey, the leading languages on the internet after English are Chinese, Spanish, Arabic Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Malay, French and German in that order. While that means that some languages have a wider presence on the internet, lesser ranking languages may possess more buying power than them.

Do you translate my website’s content yourselves, or do you employ software?

Rather than use translation software which is less accurate, we translate the content and web pages ourselves. For more efficient translations, we employ the services of native language speakers across the world. That is why we can guarantee the correctness of the translations we make.

Will my website rank in the same position in foreign search engines such as Baidu?

Foreign search engines use different search and ranking algorithms, which may result in a different ranking than on Google or Bing. Some search engine keyword limitations also vary from regular search engines. Still, we additionally optimize your translated content to improve its visibility.

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