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What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is a branch of search engine optimization concerned with optimizing websites such that they are easy to navigate and use on any device, especially mobile devices. This optimization is very important and is mainly aimed at making a website responsive on mobile devices and tablets, and designing its web pages such that they translate efficiently to any design or layout.

What are the benefits of using mobile SEO services on your website?

  • More traffic to your website

The largest percentage of internet users has been found to use mobile devices and to search for services close to them, which only serves to show how influential it is to traffic. Incorporating mobile SEO in your website is a sure way of attracting these users and so many more.

  • Better ranking among search engine results

When well applied, the result of a good mobile SEO campaign is a good position among the top results, which are the ones most internet users click on. Using popular search keywords and optimizing your web pages and metadata is one proven way to climb up the search results and get seen by potential visitors.

  • It helps you design a better website

If your website cannot open on mobile devices or has issues converting web pages, you are bound to lose visitors to your website on their first visit. Mobile SEO strategies optimize your webpages by editing their content, their design, their layout etc. for more attraction and engagement.

Why you’ll love working with us..

  • We provide a complete mobile SEO services package

With a mobile SEO services package that covers everything from consultation, an SEO audit, redesign, after sales tracking, analytics etc., we are equipped to provide the ultimate experience in a complete set that will met your website’s needs at once.

  • We do our research first

Before we can put any mobile SEO strategy in place, we endeavour to carry out in depth research on your target market, website’s design and theme. That is in addition to a series of proven and up to date tools, including a site audit that we carry out in the first place to assess the whole website.

  • We have 7+ years of experience as mobile SEO service providers for websites

The team of mobile SEO services experts at Searchmetry comes with expertise in the field of SEO, and especially so when it comes to the mobile experience. We’ve had positive results with our past clients, and accumulated a wealth of resources on the way that we intend to lean on as we partner with you on your website.

  • We put your ideas and goals first

It is your website, and your goals and ideas matter all the way. We prefer to have them feature in our plans, and guide us as we draw an effective strategy for your website’s mobile SEO campaign. Our collaboration with you is paramount, and we endeavour to keep it that away.

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What does a mobile SEO services campaign involve?

Mobile SEO enables you to optimize your website for easy use on mobile devices. This improves its responsiveness, such that mobile users can have the same easy experience on mobiles like those on desktops. It achieves this through customizing website themes, restructuring layouts, editing media and content etc. In addition to improving ranking and visibility, there is a higher conversion rate for websites that are mobile friendly.

How can I monitor the performance of my mobile SEO campaign?

There are quite a number of tools you can use, including popular ones such as Google Analytics, to track how each of your keywords is performing as part of the general SEO campaign. Searchmetry comes with its own tools for this purpose, designed to provide real time feedback on the campaign performance.

Does integrating mobile SEO on my website guarantee more sales?

No, it doesn’t. A professional mobile SEO service will get your website the traffic it deserves but it won’t translate to increased sales automatically. The latter is achieved using further methods of engagement such as posting convincing content, referrals, product likes etc. that entice customers to stay on the site and browse.

Is it smart to hire an SEO consultant to do mobile SEO for you?

Yes it is advisable to hire a mobile SEO consultant for your website. While there are some aspects of SEO that you can complete yourself, you are bound to err on some complex aspect of the process.  An agency such as Searchmetry has all the right tools to start and manage a video SEO campaign, including mobile SEO consultants, which renders it the better alternative if you want more results.

How long does a mobile SEO project take until completion?

Searchmetry’s mobile SEO campaigns are always ready within two to three weeks from the time of commencement.

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