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What is the Local SEO service?

Local SEO services are a series of SEO based techniques designed to improve a website’s visibility among local search results i.e. results pertaining to a particular location, where potential customers might be found. Local SEO service providers such as Searchmetry provide packages that may involve optimizing a website’s business pages to include addresses, operation hours, telephones etc. and editing of content to have it more aligned toward people living in a particular location.

What are the benefits of using Local SEO services for your website?

  • More visibility among potential customers, which directly affects traffic.

It has been proven that most mobile device users employ the internet to search for locally available services that are closest to them. Integrating effective local SEO services on your website ensures that your website ranks higher among local search engine results, which allows locals to visit it more.

  • Narrows down your target market to a particular location, which translates to more sales and visitors

When you incorporate local SEO, you target the customers in a particular community or location, and directly create content that speaks to them and caters to their individual needs. This approach is a proven way of engaging and attracting more visitors to your site, since they expect to find the customized and specialized service they prefer.

  • Increases your website’s conversion rate

Local SEO not only directs more traffic to your website; it also increases the rate at which those visitors are converted to actual subscribers in the long run. This can be attributed to the personalized content local SEO enables you to create. Higher conversion rates translate to more product clicks, views and sales over time.

Why you will love working with us

  • We save you the trouble

When you partner with us for your website’s local SEO services project, you save more time for the other tasks you have on your plate. That is because we take the burden of SEO, analytics tracking, customization of business pages and keyword integration off your shoulders and work on it for you. Relieving your burden – that is a major part of our mission.

  • We have a series of proven methods and techniques designed to get your website in front of local customers

Over time, we have accumulated, tested and proven a series of tools and methods connected to local SEO integration. As a result, we are positive about our procedures and promise to get your website in front to of your customers in no time.

  • We keep our word- and our deadlines.

It is an unshakeable part of our business ethic that we meet deadlines without any form of delay and that we keep our word whenever we give it. Our partnership is governed by a set of guidelines and we follow them to the dot.

  • We put your ideas first.

We understand that you have a couple of ideas about how you want your SEO campaign to go. We welcome those ideas and endeavor to put them into consideration throughout the project.

  • We are fun to work with

Our team is a serious one, but we are also a fun group of people, ready for anything at any time. Hit us with any queries and we shall get back to you as soon as you possible.

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How does local SEO work?

For local SEO, business websites have to register themselves on Google’s business list and claim their information including names, address and telephone, plus reviews if they can be got. This information is registered on each business’s Google My Business page. It is from this information that search engines such as Google get the data to list your website whenever a search query on your businesses in your niche are made.

Can all businesses use local SEO?

Not really. Businesses that are fully ecommerce based cannot use local SEO, mainly because they do not have a physical address that can be found. It is useless to have an ecommerce website rank among local search results if its presence is only on the internet. Only websites attached to businesses with actual physical presence in an area can use local SEO.

How can I use local SEO to have my website discovered in more than one city/state?

The best way is by having an office in each one of those states. This is because local SEO depends on a physical address, without which your website cannot be listed. Per Google’s design, a website using local SEO is only visible to internet users close to it. That’s why it’s basically not necessary to have your website discovered in more than one place. Users will find your website as long as the business is close to them.

Why is website not being discovered after integrating local SEO?

The reasons for this vary. You might have filled in your business details wrongly in the Google My Business page. It can also be resulting from poor optimization of your website and poor use of search keywords. Seacrchmetry’s local SEO experts are on hand to help you get your website the place it deserves among local search results, with the best local SEO services you will ever find.

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