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What is International SEO?

International search engine optimization is a method of optimizing website design and content to enable visibility in search engines all over the world, with customized content for each audience. It might involve restructuring certain pages, editing some content and reassigning the keywords to use, so as to provide content that is general in nature but optimized to fit the varying needs of different audiences.

What are the benefits of using international SEO on your website?

  • International SEO services introduce your website to a wider market.

An international market means more traffic and increased access to paying markets, regardless of location or language. Unlike local SEO, international SEO gets your website visible to anyone across the world with even more relevant content. And in the everyday marketing sense, wider paying markets translate to more traffic and sales.

  • Enables you to create content that matters to individual people most

International SEO is used to allow different people view the same pages of content from your website in different ways, depending on their requirements. The ability to restructure content such that different groups of people can find it relevant in meeting their unique needs helps your website appear more useful to different people without appearing too general.

  • It directly affects your website’s visibility in the world’s search engines.

International SEO may require you to use different keywords for each of your website’s target markets, which is one direct way to improve its ranking in search engine results drawn from various internet searches. Increased visibility results in more traffic, referrals, back links and more.

Why you will love working with us.

  • We fully understand your website’s need to break into the international market.

We understand that you need more traffic to your website so as to generate more sales and views, and acknowledge the fact that the international market is one great source of such traffic. We are here to help you get these potential customers to your site with relevant content, and to improve your website’s visibility in the process. That is why we offer the best international SEO services package in place, tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • We are experienced in integrating international SEO services for websites.

Our work in this field has seen us partner with a number of clients whose dream of becoming relevant and visible to an international audience was realised by incorporating our unique international SEO services package in their websites. Such clients have widened our experience in the field over the years, and we now trust ourselves to be able to provide complete services with positive results.

  • We prefer to honour deadlines

It’s very important that your international SEO campaign gets completed in time if you are to realise your goals as projected. Our team of international SEO experts backs you on this notion, and promises to deliver your project on time while keeping you in the fold with the latest developments.

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Can you guarantee more traffic to my website with international SEO?

Yes we can. After incorporating international SEO services on your website, its visibility will improve as more internet users see it in search results. With relevant content and a responsive theme, there is no way you can fail to attract modest traffic over time. This is exactly what Searchmetry does for your website.

Does my website really need international SEO?

That depends on your target market. If your services or products are only aimed at your neighbouring community, you might not need international SEO on your site. If its the opposite, it means that your target audience is universal. That requires you to have your content customized to meet every region’s needs. The best way to do that is through international SEO.

How long does it take to complete an SEO campaign?

The international SEO services campaigns from Searchmetry are always ready within two to three weeks, depending on the size of the site.

When should I renew my international SEO campaign?

You can renew it any time, but more especially after a major website redesign. Ideally, you should always have a running International SEO campaign so as to keep up with your competition across the world. Search algorithms are always changing, and you need to have a constant but flexible campaign to thrive.

Why is my website's international SEO campaign not performing as expected?

There could be a hidden problem somewhere, or be as a result of improper use of certain keywords, poor responsiveness etc. Have Searchmetry’s international SEO experts fix your website in no time!

Should I hire an SEO consultant to do my website's International SEO?

Yes you should. International Seo consultants are equipped with all the tools necessary to tweak your website’s functionality without damage. They are also experienced in this area, which gives them an edge over you in the process.

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