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Florist SEO

Get your florist business website in front of thousands of potential customers and subscribers by integrating florist SEO in your content, web pages and website design. Its important that you get visitors to your website if you are to grow an online presence. The most practical way to do that is by using our world class florist SEO services, which have helped lots of previous other clients.

How it works!

For your florist website, we have a few steps to follow. Our main mission is to get more traffic to your site. Your website’s biggest requirement is definitely traffic, and integrating florist SEO on your website is aimed at getting it to the top place among search results such that more of web users can see it and possibly follow the link to your website.

First, we do a site SEO audit. A site SEO audit assesses all the major areas of your website to identify the underperforming areas. The results from that audit will determine what needs to be done or changed about any aspect of the website. It could be a common problem with the content, or a hidden glitch that is potentially dangerous but easy to fix.

Following our discoveries, we then embark on research into potential keywords to use for the website. This involves taking into account the performance and length of each keyword against other potential keywords.

Market and Competitor analysis comes next. This is where we analyse the keywords your competitors are using in their content and dissect their performance statistics. We also do research on your target market’s most likely-to-use keywords basing on past user data and distinct features such as language preferences, location etc.

We then come up with an SEO implementation strategy for your website, basing on the research done in the previous stage. The strategy outlines each activity we will have to do, and helps us draw a time framework for the project.

Strategy implementation. This is the where the actual search engine optimization process takes place. Our SEO experts carry out a series of activities for your website as part of the process that include keyword integration in content, content editing, modification and creation, image and video optimization and link building (generating backlinks). The process may also include web page redesign, depending on the SEO situation at hand.

As a final step, we run a test of the final product to assess performance. We monitor the changes in stats for each keyword, backlink and image or video to assess their performance and determine whether they need to be modified further or not.

A summary of our major search engine optimization activities for your website

  • Keyword integration, which involves incorporating strategic keywords that your target market is most likely to use when making search requests within your web page content.
  • Content structure creation and modification, which involves modifying your content headings, editing the content’s length, image and video optimization etc. to get it easily indexed by search engine crawlers.
  • Link building, which involves generating links to and from other websites to improve the website’s authority before search engines.

The Benefits

More visibility

Searchmetry’s florist SEO services for florist websites are designed to get your website among the top results in search engine result lists. That is a sure way of getting more views and visitors to your website from both your immediate neighbourhood and the world.

More traffic

With florist SEO, you can expect to attract new streams of traffic to your site, sourced from everyday internet users and your actual target market i.e. flower lovers and users. More traffic means more website views and that can only mean a good thing.

Better content

Your florist website needs content that speaks to flower users but can still be relevant to random visitors. Part of Searchmetry’s Florist SEO services package includes content editing, which is designed to make all your content, including posts, images and videos more relevant and engaging for visitors.

More sales and product views

With your website being visible to anyone interested in flowers both locally and from across the globe, your flowers and services are bound to get more views, orders and likes from sharing across social media. That’s because they are quick to locate, easy to view and order and engaging to the random eye.

Higher conversion rate

Your florist website will show a better conversion rate after using our florist SEO services. Getting the hundreds of visitors from your traffic stream to turn into potential customers is not easy, but it will be, with the good content, intuitive web theme, engaging media and responsive layout that florist SEO gets you.

Why we are the better choice of SEO service provider

  • We understand the flower business
  • The flower business
  • We honour deadlines
  • We have all the right tools
  • We share your dream of having your website at the top
  • We’ve done this before

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