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What is E-commerce SEO?

This is a series of techniques used in optimizing an eCommerce website’s pages for easier indexing by search engines and better ranking in search engine results. It mainly involves the uses of strategic keywords on web pages that potential buyers are most likely to use in search engines.

At Searchmetry, our eCommerce SEO services package comes with additional features including web designing, optimizing web content etc.

How can SEO can benefit your Ecommerce business?

  • It increases your website’s visibility among your website’s potential visitors

With the right keywords being used on your ecommerce website’s pages, you won’t have to worry over whether or not potential customers are accessing your website or not. Search engines look for these actual keywords on your website and use them to bring it up among the top search results, which 94% of internet users have been found to click on.

  • SEO results in more sales and referrals

Better ranking in search engine results may not directly translate to high sales immediately, but it does translate to increased traffic to your ecommerce website in the long run. Such traffic then results in more product views, clicks and referrals, which ultimately leads to increased sales of your products.

  • Enables you to create quality content for your ecommerce website

Search Engine Optimization covers a number of factors related to your website, chief among them the content you publish for your viewers. For your site to make the profits you want, your content, including posts, products, inbound and outbound links, videos and images are supposed to be created with buyers in mind and optimized to attract and engage them. Searchmety’s affordable ecommerce SEO services have been designed to do just that for you.

Why you will love working with us?

  • We fully understand your ecommerce website’s SEO needs and goals.

At Searchmetry, our clients’ needs come first. We understand that you need more traffic to your website so as to generate more sales. We also know that you need customers to visit your platform and stay to browse through your other product offers. Knowing that, we have the best ecommerce SEO services package in place, tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • We are experienced in SEO for ecommerce websites

Our work in this field spans a number of years, and has jolted many other ecommerce websites from zero to the top. Each member of our team brings to the table individual years of experience in content creation, data tracking, website design, keyword usage and digital marketing, which only serves to make us the better option when it comes to understanding and meeting your website’s needs.

  • We honour deadlines

We know that you’ve set a specific time range between you SEO campaign should run, and duly understand that that necessitates a deadline to work with on our part. With our proven and tested strategies, you can rest assured that we will do our best and our services will be delivered on time. That is just the way we work.

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How long will it take for me to see the results from my eCommerce SEO campaign?

There is no guaranteed time after which the results can be seen. It can be as early as the next day, or much later. The duration and effect depends on how much effort you put into integrating SEO in your website. Smaller SEO campaigns may have their results appear later than larger ones, and have an effect of a smaller magnitude.

Which is better for my ecommerce platform; paid search results or organic?

Both types of results are desirable; nevertheless, their effect on the traffic to your website may vary a little. Paid results require you to pay for them, organic results are got by integrating SEO into your website. Thus the choice depends on factors including your budget limitations, your goals, and your deadlines. Performance-wise, organic results tend to outperform paid search results.

Do I need prior knowledge of coding and HTML to use keywords on my ecommerce website?

No you don’t. Unless you intend to do the coding yourself, there is no requirement to have prior knowledge of any coding language, although it remains applicable. The team at Searchmetry are trained to work with any coding language, and they are ready to help you with the complex aspects of incorporating SEO in your website.

Do ecommerce SEO services guarantee an increase in sales of my products?

When properly applied, yes they do. There is no guarantee over whether or not the services lead to an increase in sales; rather, the sales made on your ecommerce platform are dependent on the amount of effort you put into optimizing your site. After a period of time, you should see a distinct change in earnings and sales.

How do I monitor the performance of the SEO campaign you create on my ecommerce platform?

Our real time analytics tools are always at hand to track the performance of each SEO campaign we create for your ecommerce platform. We analyse the performance of each keyword, inbound and outbound link, media link etc. on the website, from which we generate a report that we share with you.

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