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Doctor SEO Services

Introduce your specialised services to a wider audience by integrating doctor SEO services on your business website. Hundreds of people use the internet every day to locate nearby doctors or search for medicine prescriptions. Doctor SEO engages and attracts these people to your website by improving its visibility on the internet through better ranking in search engine results and enabling you generate content and media that answers their problems without any hassle. That’s why your competitors are using it too.

How it works!

We integrate doctor SEO services on your practice website with the help of  a proven strategy that has worked for our past clients.

  1. Doing an SEO audit for the website. We’ve always thought it best to detect what’s wrong with a website first before we treat it, which is why we carry out a site wide SEO audit in the first stage of our process. The main reason is to help our SEO experts identify the areas of your website that need revamping for better ranking in search engine results.
  2. Research on potential keywords. We know keywords play a big role in search engine optimization, which is why we devote a whole stage in the process to determining the best ones to use within your content. Our SEO team gathers every possible keyword and tests each of them to gauge their performance before drawing up a list of the keywords to be used.
  3. Competitor analysis and market research. It’s great to pick a leaf from what your competitors in the medical field are doing right as regards SEO, which is why we do our research on your competitors at this stage. We also explore your target market’s major character traits as a way of determining the search terms they are most likely to use in search browsers. We then consider these terms when collecting potential keywords.
  4. Developing a strategy. This is where the SEO experts working on your website agree on the best possible move for SEO integration on it, depending on the data from the SEO audit.
  5. Integrating doctor SEO services on your website. This stage involves fixing of the chosen keywords within your content and web pages, optimization of individual web pages, content creation, elongation and structure modification, editing of page meta tags etc. It might also involve starting a link building campaign or making your web pages more responsive, depending on the strategy at play.
  6. Test run. A final test is done for your website after some time to analyze the effects of the search engine optimization efforts on ranking in search results and changes in traffic to the site.

The Benefits

More visibility due to better ranking

After using doctor SEO, your website’s ranking in search engine results is bound to improve. Appearing among the top results accords the site more visibility, and that means more people visiting your website and checking out your services every day. It also means that your website gets visible to people outside your immediate neighborhood, which widens your potential market over time.

Increased traffic

As a result of more visibility and higher ranking among your competitors in search engine results, your website receives more traffic, and that translates to more sales when maintained. Doctor SEO helps you optimize your content with popular keywords such as ‘best doctor in my area’ and services to meet the needs of a wider audience, thereby increasing your website’s relevance and attracting traffic.

Doctor SEO helps you maximize your local market

If you have a physical address such as a clinic, it is important that you get as many local people to know about your services as possible. The internet is one way to do that, thanks to the ever increasing numbers of mobile phone users.

Doctor SEO services help you market your business website with not only the best keywords but also mobile SEO, which enables you provide more information about your website such as working hours, street address, telephone etc., plus listings in Google Maps which helps patients find your clinic easily.

Why we’re the better choice for SEO service provider

  • Our team has 4+ years of experience integrating SEO on professional service websites such as doctor/clinic websites, which helps us know what we’re dealing with.
  • We’re affordable, which is because we consider your budget limitations and customize our doctor SEO package so that you only pay for what you need and use.
  • We’re here to do the complex work for you, such that you can concentrate your energies on your doctoral duties while we grow your website and its online presence with our doctor SEO.
  • Our clients’ needs come first, which is why our doctor SEO services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each professional website that uses them.

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