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What is the SEO Audit Service?

You can best define SEO Audit services as diagnostics tools designed to identify the areas of a website that need fixing, as regards SEO. It is the best SEO health checkup for websites method there is, and a simple way of determining the best strategy to take in order to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search results. The audit assesses keywords and their usage, page optimization for all devices, and other technical aspects.

What are the benefits of an SEO audit for your website?

  • It helps you identify the areas of your website that are performing poorly.

It could be select pages, particular keywords, or media content on your website that is underperforming for one reason or another. A professional SEO audit will reveal which keywords need replacing or retaining, and which pages need optimizing for search engines.

  • You get to identify the components of your website’s design that are affecting its visibility.

Your website’s design is another factor that an SEO audit may bring up. Sometimes, search engines have trouble crawling and indexing your website because of issues with certain pages, site maps and other technical issues. When applied, professional website audit SEO services enable you to analyze each aspect of web design and guide you on what needs to be altered.

  • It’s an easier and quicker way to create future SEO strategies.

Rather than try to assess each problem on your website individually, an SEO audit brings them all out at once. Then you can determine how each is affecting the website, and develop a customized strategy that can be best applied to fix them.

Why you will love working with us.

  • We don’t charge for an SEO audit for your website – it’s free!

We know how important it is to run a professional SEO audit for your website if we are to identify what’s lagging it behind. That is why we provide it free of charge. All you have to do is to input your website’s address and some contact information, and then our team will do the rest. You deserve that much from us!

  • We understand SEO to the fullest.

Everything pertaining to SEO is our area of expertise. That also includes SEO audits, which our team of SEO audit experts is equipped to manage with our assortment of tools and techniques. Our experience in this area is varied and drawn from our past projects with other websites from various niches.

  • We have all the necessary tools for the SEO audit

Any SEO audit requires more than just professionalism and technical know-how; it necessitates having the correct tools to facilitate a smooth flow of procedure. You can rest assured we have an assortment of the tried and tested tools that are designed with your individual requirements in mind.

  • We will work on every issue affecting your website

Our team is equipped to fix each of the problems your SEO audit might reveal. That is why we carry it out in the first place. Be it improper keyword usage, poor page optimization for all devices or inappropriate content and titles, we shall fix it. That’s our promise to you.

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Does every website really need an SEO audit?

For better performance, yes. An SEO audit helps you identify even the hidden areas of your website that could have been affecting its ranking, visibility and user engagement ability. It is from such audits that different problems can be identified and addressed by our team of SEO audit experts.

What takes place during an SEO audit of my website?

Most websites undergo the same procedure, but some differ depending on their content types and size. A typical SEO site audit analyses the website’s content, technical compliance, off-site and onsite link performance, competitive intelligence etc. Upon completion, we provide you with a report highlighting all the areas that need fixing.

How long does a website SEO audit take?

To complete an SEO audit and generate the necessary report for your website, the time taken depends on its current size. Ideally, we complete our audits within 3 business days. Unlike other agencies that use automated methods only, we additionally review each aspect manually to pick out the bad apple.

How often should one perform an SEO audit?

The ideal time to perform a site audit is every twelve to eighteen months, depending on the size of your website. This is necessary for you to keep ahead of how each aspect of your site including its SEO, are performing. You should also have one before and after launching a new theme or design, or whenever you embark on a fresh SEO campaign.

How much does a website SEO audit cost?

This is another aspect that depends on the size of your website. Other factors include the nature of the site and the package you choose. Our website SEO audits are affordably priced, with smaller websites being priced at………..

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