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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to determine or affect the visibility or ranking of a website or address in search engine results. Literally, it is a series of steps that websites can take to get more attention from search engines. Its approach is based on a number of factors, chief among them ‘search keywords’, and how web visitors use them when looking for a subject in a search engine or browser.

Search Engine Optimization Services are a very important digital marketing tool; one that’s been proven to increase website traffic up to 100% when properly integrated.

How Can It Benefit You?

As a website owner, your primary requirement is traffic to your website inform of visitors. There are lots of ways you can pull them in, but none is as effective as Search Engine Optimization. Here’s how you benefit when you buy SEO services from Searchmetry.

  • You get more visitors, most of whom are potential customers that can be converted to buyers.
  • It results in more sales, clicks and content views as more people are referred to your website.
  • It increases your conversion rate i.e. the rate at which visitors turn into customers.
  • It widens your web presence and creates a brand impression.

Why Choose Us?

Besides having your satisfaction as our primary mission, here are other reasons we are the right choice;

  • We are experienced

SEO is one of our main services; one that we’re proud to have helped countless websites with before, with positive results.

  • We have the required tools

Be it analytics, customer evaluation or technical research, we have it all. You can rest assured we will leave no stone unturned.

  • We want your website at the top

Our primary source of satisfaction is having our customers derive actual results from our services. And with SEO, that result is ranking in 1st place on search engine results.

Our Services

WordPress SEO

Using WordPress for your website? Need a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy? We have one. Right from permalinks, title tags and meta tags to link building and content editing, we possess every tool you might need to get more out of affiliate links, product sales and service offers on your WordPress website.

Enterprise SEO

As required by big enterprises with even bigger websites, Enterprise SEO targets millions of customers in a bid to increase revenue. We have the right tools to spur innovation, foster automation and enable integration of different marketing and social channels, with all your requirements and deadlines in mind.

Local SEO

Without doubt, most web users look for local services whenever they browse the internet. That may alter your SEO requirements if you intend to target a particular location or community. Partner with Searchmetry’s SEO specialists to learn how to integrate information such as web address, telephone, listings and services to best suit your target market’s needs.

E-commerce SEO

What E-commerce websites need to thrive is clicks, sales and brand impressions that last. None can be guaranteed without a top position ranking in search results. Our approach includes research on the right keywords, your competitors and their source of inbound links, in addition to site audits and usability analysis.

Mobile SEO

With increased access to the internet from mobile devices and tablets, having a website that translates well on mobile platforms is paramount. The team at Searchmetry is equipped with a number of tools to improve the mobile user’s experience, which ultimately results in more orders, sales and clicks.

International SEO

We acknowledge the need to have your website get found by users around the world. Tune it for better performance and wider viewership on every continent with our global SEO services that include content and design customization tactics that have worked for hundreds of other customers.

Multilingual SEO

We understand that you need to reach out to customers from all over the world. The easiest way to do that is by integrating Multilingual SEO in your website. Knowing the complex needs of multilingual SEO incorporation, we have a series of tools designed to allow your content appear in languages your customers understand best.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit of your website comes as part of our wide SEO package. Before we can optimize it for search engines, we evaluate your website’s performance on a number of factors including key phrases and individual keywords, sources of inbound links etc. to identify where the gaps are.

Video SEO

Videos are a great source of traffic and sales when used correctly. We show you how to create interactive and informative videos, make them easy to access and browse, customize their meta data and improve their indexing by major search engines.

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How Our SEO Campaign Works?

The team at Searchmetry has set out a well-planned and carefully researched strategy to follow when creating an SEO campaign for your website. It follows the following steps;

Research and Auditing.

The first step in any SEO campaign is to know more about the website and its source of traffic. This section includes;

  • analysis of strong keywords in your niche
  • identification of your competition and how it operates
  • A site audit to identify weak areas of the website.

SEO Strategy Development.

This step follows right after research and auditing. Depending on our research findings above, we start crafting an appropriate SEO strategy for your website, with your goals, deadlines and competitors in mind.

Strategy Implementation

In this step, we put our strategy to plan. It involves making a series of off-site and on site changes to your website. It might be changes to design factors such as layout and HTML or other factors such as link building and keyword usage, depending on the site audit.

Performance Testing

Testing the website in search engines is mandatory after applying the SEO strategy. Tools such as Google and Yahoo SEO optimization enable us to track immediate performance changes per each keyword.


Here, we examine the effect of the campaign by gathering data pertaining to it through real time analytics of individual keyword performance. This determines the keywords to keep and those to leave out of further marketing campaigns.

Our SEO campaigns are tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual website, regardless of size, budget and deadlines. The main aim of each campaign is to improve the ranking of each website among others in its niche in search engine results.

Each campaign is managed by a team of SEO service agents with prior experience in SEO, copywriting, keyword usage, content writing and editing, programming and web design. We have your campaign at heart and you can rest assured that your project is in expert hands.

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How long does it take to see results from an SEO campaign?

There is no guaranteed time for deriving the results of an SEO campaign. With proper incorporation, websites can start seeing results from as early as a fortnight after to as late as years later. Your website’s performance after a campaign largely depends on factors such as the relevance and quality of your content, frequency at which you create it and the amount of effort you put in the campaign.

What exactly are Keywords?

Keywords are search terms or phrases that web users use in search engines or browsers such as Google or Bing when looking for something on the internet. The search engines look for those terms all over the internet whenever someone searches for them and return their answer in form of search results. Having a website rank highly among these results is the main reason why web owners have to integrate these keywords into their content.

What is Domain SEO?

Domain SEO is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing your website’s domain name to improve the rate at which it refers customers to your site. At Searchmetry, we customize your domain name, the keywords in it, its structure and design plus factors such as length so as to improve its memorability and visibility.

How often should I change my SEO campaign?

This can depend on your previous campaign’s performance and your website’s needs. With Google’s ever-changing search algorithm, it isn’t guaranteed that your website will continue ranking highly once you stop using SEO. Ideally, one should incorporate SEO regularly for better performance.

Does every website really need SEO?

Yes, it does. The primary need of every website is traffic from visitors. The problem is that there are millions of websites on the internet vying for attention from the same internet users. Even worse, there are hundreds of websites for every single niche there is. To attract traffic to a website, it must be visible from the hundreds of others in its niche. One proven way of increasing visibility is through incorporating SEO.

Can’t I pay to get traffic to my website?

You can pay for traffic to your website through ads that are placed all over the internet. Still, organic (free) search results have been shown to account for up to 94% of all website traffic. If your budget allows, it is okay to pay for advertising instead.

What is the difference between paid and organic search results?

Organic search results are those got from a search engine’s algorithm. Paid results (inorganic) are paid for by advertisers, and act as advert links to websites. Paid results always appear at the top and left side of organic results.

How do I know the best keywords to use?

You can always pick the best keywords by testing for them first using a number of tools such as Google Analytics. Keywords that are more commonly used than others are always the better option. It means that search engine users use them more.

Is it smart to have someone take care of your website’s SEO?

Yes, it is. Ideally, you can take care of your website’s SEO needs on your own. This might necessitate you to know a little about SEO first, and some coding as you go along. Many website owners find the whole process tiresome, while others do not know how to incorporate SEO.

That is why it’s a good idea to have a professional do it for you. They come equipped with the right tools, adequate experience from doing the same service for others and the technical know-how. Searchmetry has a team of such professionals prepared to do just that for your website.

Aren’t SEO campaigns expensive?

SEO campaigns do not have to be expensive. At Searchmetry, we demystify such ideologies with the view that the cost incurred depends on one’s budget, goals and requirements. It should also be noted that well managed SEO campaigns have a high ROI for your website. This should absorb the cost incurred.

For how long do I need to sustain an SEO campaign?

You can sustain one for as long as you want. The duration of any SEO campaign depends on a number of factors including your goals, budget etc. A shorter campaign of say, a month may not have the same effect as that carried out for year. The ideal SEO campaign is one that is regular and ongoing, which is not a bad idea, considering that each campaign can result in a higher ROI when properly managed.

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What you should look out for in an SEO company?

Choosing a digital marketing agency to work with can be a hard task. Look out for companies that lock you into unnecessary contracts before working with you or those that use hard, technical jargon to confuse you. The ideal SEO company should be willing to provide a customer with the right information about the project such as the scope of the project, the technicalities involved and the duration it might take. The company should also advise you before-hand about the possible outcome of the campaign, so that you can create a yardstick for gauging performance.

Searchmetry is that kind of company. We have your interests at heart and promise quality SEO services based on honesty and professionalism. Hundreds of other website owners have seen a change in ranking with our global SEO services, and we welcome you to join them today.

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