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Facebook Advertising Service

Tap into the power of reach and potential of social media with Facebook’s Advertising Service to get more people to view your website’s products and services. The platform presents a series of opportunities in form of large membership, affordable pricing and a proven advertising strategy that will prove more than productive for your website in the long run.

How it works!

Facebook allows you to create adverts for your products and services after you sign up with it and create a ‘page’ for your products or website. The platform helps you create the advert with your target audience’s location, preferences, hobbies, age and design ideas in mind. The ads/sponsored pages appear as part of targeted customers’ News Feeds or on the side of their Facebook pages.

What We Do

Searchmetry’s team of experts is experienced in creating, designing and managing effective Facebook Ads, and follows a series of steps during the whole campaign as shown below:

Market research

It’s important to understand the audience your Facebook ad is targeted to. We help you research your potential market’s locations, preferences, hobbies and ethnicity to help you target the right people, and to create a realistic campaign.

Budget Allocation

Facebook requires a minimum budget of $1 a day but provides options to choose from depending on your budget limitations and goals. We help you allocate your budget right such each ad brings in the estimated number of likes, page views and website referrals you expect.

Design and Creation

This step involves crafting the most effective advert possible and puts into consideration design, themes and your website’s target audience. Ads can be in form of images, videos or plain text, and have to be straightforward and enticing enough to easily attract people to your page and website.

Tracking and Analysis

This step helps you know how your Facebook advertising campaign is performing, and directly determines which types ads work better than others.

The benefits

Exposure to a wider market

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with millions of users accessing it every day. Facebook ads reach to out more people than any other platforms due to their worldwide reach, exposing your products/services and website to more potential buyers and website visitors.

More visibility among interested individuals

Due to its targeted approach to advertising, your website’s Facebook ads are guaranteed more visibility among interested individuals all over the world. This is more effective in terms of traffic to your website than other random advertising methods, and promises more sales and product views in the long run.

Fair and affordable

Facebook ads run for as long as your budget can allow, and are directly determined by what you decide as your budget. That means that your ad’s performance is determined solely by your budget and effort, making it an affordable and fair alternative.

Increases traffic to your website.

Facebook ads are designed to refer potential buyers to your Facebook page, from where they can be referred to your actual website. This, in addition to their regular, targeted release and their worldwide reach, increases the stream of traffic that is directed to your website on a daily basis.


Why Searchmetry is the best option for Facebook advertising services provider

  • Our team is comprised of Facebook advertising experts ready to create the most effective Facebook advertising campaign for your website.
  • We have the experience required to run a Facebook advert campaign, generated from our years of experience in working with clients on similar projects
  • We honour our deadlines and are always available for suggestions, queries and other exchanges pertaining to the project.

Like What You See? Let’s Talk!