I’m going to help you get interior design clients knocking on your virtual door by showing you how to master smart online marketing strategies.

01. my mission

To create a trail of outstanding client success figures resulting from excellent service aimed at surpassing our clients’ expectations with every unique project. I intend to achieve this by incorporating research, hard work, patience and internationally approved work ethics into my daily business theme.

02. my vision

As a company, we picture a world of digital marketing filled with possibility for every website in form of more visibility, more traffic and more customers. I want to be a trusted part of every business owner’s life, every day, with something we have given them, taught them or inspired them to do.

03. my goals

My goal is to break down the illusion that working with a digital marketing agency has to be tedious and expensive, to simplify the inclusion of the marketing process for every business owner and to provide timely, affordable and customized solution packages that fit every website’s daily requirements.

I Did Not Invent SEO And Web Design; Neither Did I Step In Early.

I Simply Know How To Do It Better.

You and I both know your work is EPIC! People LOVE you and if only more people knew you existed? Well, life would be pretty SWEET!

With my online marketing platform at your disposal, you can generate leads and grow your client base while keeping costs under control.

Interior Design Business Consultant | Interior Design SEO | Founder at Searchmetry

Anita Sharma

I share cutting-edge strategies on Searchmetry to help interior design professionals who want to grow their business and build their empire online.

As a lead Digital Marketing Strategist for Extreme-SEO Internet Solutions, I had led Online Marketing Programs in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Strategy for the Enterprise.

At Rangoli Ayurved, I helped in creating strategies to grow their Facebook Audience and also deployed Ad Campaigns for 6 months that resulted in 2x ROI from Facebook.

LearnWithAnita was my endeavor to teach less fortunate students in my free time.

Having a keen interest towards HealthCare Sector led me to Join the mBreath Team as a highly motivated individual to handle the Digital Marketing and Social Management needs for the vision.

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